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The Folly of the Gay Conservative

Homosexuals seem to have embarked on a take-no-prisoners charm offensive. Lately pro-LGBT advocates swarm around churches and conservative organizations in vain efforts to make people believe that lifelong sodomy and gender chaos fit in perfectly with any political ideology from anarchism to papist autocracy. The latest salvos in this charm offensive include Dennis Prager's "Prager U" video series' dedicating of a whole video to Guy Benson.

Guy Benson joins the ranks of Milo Yiannopoulos, Matt Drudge, Dave Rubin, Chadwick Moore, Richard Grenell, and a host of other sodomy enthusiasts who call for special moral credit (i.e., many pats on the head) given to those men who can somehow engage in copious homosexual acts without simultaneously calling for open borders, pacifism, campus safe spaces, and income redistribution. It seems that each year is Ground Hog's Day in Conservativelandia, and we are supposed to react with marvel and excitement each time yet another h…

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