The case for building a border wall with Canada too!

It is commonplace to offer proof of racism among Donald Trump's supporters by pointing out that his most popular campaign promise involved building a wall between Mexico and the United States.

I have resisted this racist designation for quite some time, not merely because I am Latino and support immigration enforcement, but also, because the attribution of "racism" makes little sense in this context.

As I pointed out in an open letter to Donald Trump, the people who promote open borders have repeatedly tied DACA status (deferred action for childhood arrivals) to the immigrants' remaining enrolled in colleges...which miraculously benefits colleges & universities while not resolving the DACA people's status so they can actually work legally. See here:

This looks and smells like exploitation and racism, insofar as the people pushing DACA and "Dream Act" policy are using a large nonwhite population to make money for their struggling campuses, based on the irrational premise that the best thing for anybody brown-skinned is to cut ties to their functional home countries in the Third World in favor of lifelong citizenship in the majority-white United States.

A year ago I pointed out the following:

True malevolence adores secrecy and dissembling. More often than not, racial injustice thrives under disguises of condescension, exploitation, and mental manipulation.  Higher educationHollywood, and big-city bureaucracies are the biggest foes of Black Lives Matter despite the fact that they are universally led by Democrats who claim to love and defend people of color.
"Racism" does not mean saying insensitive things. It means doing harmful things to people of color.  It is not racist to speak frankly about border security.  In 2006, Barack Obama voted for H.R. 6061, which allocated $1.2 billion for 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Seven hundred miles is long enough to insult Latin Americans but short enough to entice them to come through the massive gaps left open.  What harms immigrants of color more – clarity about future prospects, or mixed messages that might lead them to spend their family's only money on a human smuggler?
A wall between the United States and Mexico sends exactly the right "message": these are two different countries with different ways of thinking, and their peoples should flourish by building their homelands into great nations rather than by being exported en masse from dysfunctional governments that do not want to change to a dysfunctional government that does not know what it wants.
Ditto on Islamophobia
"Racism" does not mean expressing reservations about the mutual benefits between a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values and immigrants who adhere to Islam, a religion practiced by people practicing ethnic cleansing and even genocide against Jews and Christians in those immigrants' home countries.
There is a profound racism embedded in the notion that the best thing for any Latino or Muslim is to settle permanently in the United States.  In being naturalized, they sever their ties to the civilization from which they came and assimilate into the Democrats' toxic liberal brew of consumerism, iPods, abortion, sodomy, fornication, pornography, marijuana, and atheism.  Shame me though it does to say it, this mix is American culture, which I should know – I was born in the United States and have been fighting the left's influence on popular culture for most of my life.
If the prevailing forces on the American left are so incensed by a Christianity that celebrates chastity, complementary gender roles, and strict family values, why on Earth are they promising Muslims that they will be happy settling in the very country the left strives to secularize?
Is free in-state tuition to California State University, Los Angeles, where a near riot exploded simply because Ben Shapiro was invited to deliver a speech, so important that a Moroccan family should forever forsake their rituals and Arab traditions and move to Sherman Oaks, California?  If they try to keep their values alive while living in Los Angeles, the Democrats will turn a deaf ear to the complaints that their daughters are getting abortions and dressing like tramps while their sons are dyeing their hair green and loitering outside gay nightclubs…just like white liberal Americans.
Is it more racist to say, "You come from a beautiful home country that needs your talent and hard work" or "Come to America so you can change and become just like Miley Cyrus and George Clooney"?

The basic point still stands. It isn't racist to believe that Latino or Muslim countries are places where Latinos and Muslims can live and flourish. It is racist to insist that Latinos and Muslims can only be happy by becoming citizens of an English-speaking, mostly white country and by turning into fledgeling little liberals.

But my argument--while very sensible!--has not taken off.

So I was happy to find another occasion to push a different, albeit stronger, rebuttal to the charge that supporters of border enforcement are racist.

What would you say if I told you that I feared another country's cultural decay far more than Mexico's problems--and that other country is a nominally Christian, overwhelmingly white nation that belongs to the British commonwealth.

I am speaking, of course, of Canada!

Consider these photographs coming out of Canada recently:

The white, European-descended leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau, rose to power from undistinguished achievements as a resort-hopping pretty boy, based on the white patriarchy writ large. Less qualified to lead Canada than most Puerto Rican high school dropouts from the Bronx, he had the good luck to be the son of a Canadian prime minister well known from the 1970s. We already have creepy left-wing dynasties in California and New York with the Browns and Cuomos, haunting us from the decades of Pierre Trudeau's reign of decadence. And we have the Bush family's father-son team, which people resoundingly rejected by booting Jeb! from the Republican primaries. We don't want a neighboring country, which still belongs to the Queen of England's Commonwealth, further romanticizing the thought of a modern-day royal family.

But putting aside all these anti-democratic forms of "white privilege" surrounding Justin Trudeau, there is a deeper problem, which I think warrants the building of a wall between the United States and Canada.

Canada is becoming Sodom, and Justin Trudeau is more debauched and depraved on sexuality issues than any leader in the Western Hemisphere. See the photographs of him dragging his (unhappy) toddler sons to a pride parade where they have to salute rainbow flags and see sundry perversions all around them. Why is the prime minister of Canada trucking with men walking around in leather harnesses and jockstraps, never mind bringing his sons there?

And what leader of a democratic nation would in his right mind salute a rainbow flag, which posits the political supremacy of a small minority group's chosen form of sexual gratification? That the gays have planted their flag in official places, granting their movement a political solidity no other progressive group claims, is quite concerning. We do not salute an abortion flag, an amnesty-for-immigrants flag, or a climate change flag. Even worse is the idea of saluting sodomy. Literally, the flag is Sodom's banner. And Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, is saluting it and forcing his sons to do the same!

This is cultural rot that we need to stop from spreading like mold to the United States. We have enough problems with Sodom's ubiquitous rise in the United States, without importing large numbers of these white domestic terrorists working to overthrow Old Glory to replace it with a rainbow flag honoring anal sex, sex toys, and violations of Biblical chastity.

So as you see, I am not a racist. I want walls built wherever there is a danger to the homeland. We should start building that wall from Bangor to Seattle, tout de suite.

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